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Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

Do you have valuable skills? There is no better way to move to Canada than to have a job offer. if yes there is already a place for you in Canada and it’s even better when your kind of skill is in high demand because your immigration process will just be a roller-coaster and very easy.

Canada holds high values for immigrants with skills and it is the backbone behind immigration. In other to improve the economy of the nation, improve the country, etc. Also, Canada is open to immigrants from around the world, giving everyone the chance to live, work, and base permanently in Canada.

Well-trained traders are persons with a particular skill and knowledge about a certain occupation, they are those who have the opportunity to work with their hands and earn a lot of money on a daily basis. A Well trained trader can be an Electrician, a cook, sales representative, etc., and basically anyone with specialized knowledge for a particular occupation. As a Well trained trader, you have so many passageways to immigrate to Canada even without a university degree or a job offer.

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However, there are so many Well trained traders looking to move to Canada just like every one of you, so having a job offer can give you an additional bonus and edge over other interested persons. Read up on this article to learn how to get a job offer fast from a Canadian employer.

As A Skilled Trader, These Programs Would Help You Move to Canada

Moving to Canada will become a lot easier for you, the reason being that you already have the skills and Canada needs such persons. Canada has different Provinces and each needs immigrants like immigrants with painting skills, cooks, caregivers, or heavy-duty equipment mechanics, etc. depending on the area of occupation that has a labor shortage.

The Canadian government has introduced so many programs that are mainly focused on bringing in Well trained traders to fill up vacant job positions. One of such programs is the Federal Skilled Trades Worker Program which is part of the Canada Express Entry system.

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With the express entry, immigrants are sponsored or invited to apply to the federal skilled trades worker program, immigrate, and become permanent residents in Canada. Interested candidates will receive scores based on some factors like Age, Education, work experience, etc. the scores will help them rank above each other, and if those meet the cut-off, get an invitation to immigrate to Canada.

Another possible way to immigrate is by applying to a Canadian province directly. In this way, you get to use the Provincial Nominee Program of the province you choose or that is in demand for your particular kind of skill. Each province creates a separate program like a sub-category under their Provincial Program with specifics to only bring in immigrants with the right profile and skill that is currently required by the province. An example of such a category is Ontario Skilled Trade Stream.

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Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada that Are In-Demand

  • Construction Manager -: Average hourly wage: $40
  • Power Line Technician -: Average hourly wage: $38.46
  • Oil and Gas Driller -: Average hourly wage: $38
  • Pipefitter -: Average hourly wage: $36
  • Industrial Electrician -: Average hourly wage: $33.19
  • HVAC Mechanic -: Average hourly wage: $31.75
  • Residential or Commercial Electrician -: Average hourly wage: $32
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic -: Average hourly wage: $32
  • Plumber -: Average hourly wage: $30
  • Civil Engineering Technician -: Average hourly wage: $28.50
  • Carpenter -: Average hourly wage: $25
  • Welder -: Average hourly wage: $25
  • Automotive Mechanic -: Average hourly wage: $24

Therefore, If you’ve any questions relating to Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Canada, please do let me know via the comment section Thanks.

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