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How to Apply for Canada Green Card Lottery

How to Apply for Canada Green Card Lottery

This post is all about solving issues relating to Canada green card lottery, Canada diversity visa programs, how to apply for Canada green cards, and other Canadian immigration-related information.

Lately, they’ve been so many questions about how to get Canada green card lottery, Canada visa lottery, and some other related issues. However, our team felt like we should update the general public on this topic, so every international foreigner looking forward to migrating to Canada can get accurate information.

About Canada Green Card

The term “Green Card” is a document status commonly used in the United States. Also, this document is what makes someone or an international foreigner live, study, work and reside permanently in the USA. However, Canada does have its own version of the “Green Card” popularly known as the Canadian Permanent Residency Card. So don’t get confused when we make use of the “Green card” term to replace for “Permanent residency card”.

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What is Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card lottery program is also known as the diversity immigration program is a United States government lottery program for receiving the United States Permanent Resident Card. Meanwhile, it’s also recorded that on yearly basis; approximately 50,000 foreign individuals are being awarded visas based on luck to permanently live in the United States under the green card lottery program.

What You Stand To Benefits From Canada Green Card

So many benefits are attached to a Canadian green card or permanent residence card, this includes

  • Social and medical benefits
  • You can live, study and work anywhere in Canada as a Canadian citizen
  • No international fee is attached to any of your activities, unlike temporary immigrants. For instance, foreigners who study in Canada as temporary immigrants may pay the international fees on study
  • After a period of residence, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen
  • You’ll also get the protection of Canadian law, rights, and freedom.
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Note Also: That as a permanent residence, you must pay taxes and also respect Canadian law and rights.

How to Become a Canadian Permanent Residence

In other to be issued a Canadian green card or permanent residency card, you need to apply through the Canadian immigration visa program. Once you’re an immigrant from Canada, then you can apply for a permanent residence card from their official website.

Traveling Advice with Permanent residence card

It’s advised you have a valid permanent residence car whenever you want to return to Canada because whenever your permanent residence card expires, a new one can’t be shipped outside the Canadian address. So make sure you renew before you travel or the period is valid till the date of return. Alternatively, you can make use of your permanent resident travel document.

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Somethings You Should Know About Canada Green Card Lottery

There’s actually nothing to know about the Canadian green card lottery because at this moment the Canadian government has not started offering immigrant lottery programs. However, you may see some online platforms promising to offer Canada green card lottery but they are all scam platforms. do not be so desperate to avoid being scammed. we’ll keep you guys updated anytime the Canadian government makes any changes to its immigration policy.

Therefore, feel free to make your comment and contribution, If you’ve any questions relating to Canada green card lottery. Thanks.

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