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7 Best linguistic Internships For International Students In 2023

7 Best linguistic Internships For International Students In 2023

7 Best linguistic Internships For International Students In 2023 – As languages continue to develop, the need for linguistic professionals continues to increase, and therefore, their value to the global linguistic community cannot be overemphasized. Because there would always be a need for local and international linguists, we will be looking at some of the best linguistic internships available to linguistic students.

This post will be focusing on linguistic internship positions for international students. However, it will also take a look at the remuneration of interns if they choose to accept the offers.

Despite technological development, problems relating to communication continue to be a global issue. This is why the demand for translation services is higher than ever before. Dive into this field by interning abroad in a country of your choice – England, France, Australia, Nepal, Pakistan, the USA, and more!

Assist local businesses and the government by using your language proficiency. Increase your linguistic level and ability.

These internship programs are perfect for linguists and students who are enthusiastic about knowing more about foreign languages.

What Is An Internship Program?

An internship program is a professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student’s field of study or career interest.

A quality internship: Consists of a part-time or full-time work schedule that includes no more than 25% clerical or administrative duties.

Internships can be paid or unpaid depending on the organization that chooses to absorb you. The amount received during an internship is called “stipend”

Also, what should be more important to an intern should be the experience an internship opportunity offers him or her.

Meanwhile, as an international linguistic student looking for an internship opportunity, let your drive be the opportunity it accords to not only learn, but also, gain work experience.

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Benefits Of Linguistic Internships

No doubt there are numerous benefits of linguistic internships, which include gaining work experience and more. Nonetheless, there are other benefits which include:

  • Develop an appreciation of general properties of language
  • Become competent in linguistic analysis
  • Learn ways to study language in a scientific manner
  • Improve general academic skills
  • Explore career interests, occupations, and work environments
  • Apply classroom knowledge and theory
  • Learn new skills and refine the skills that you already have
  • Expand your experience and enhance your resume
  • Make contacts (coworkers, supervisors, mentors)
  • Increase your chances of receiving job offers sooner rather than later

Ideas For Linguistics Internships

Below are some of the ideas for linguistic internship programs:

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Translation/Language Specialists
  • Language Teaching
  • Language Policy
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Language Documentation or Revitalization
  • Language Assessment
  • Publishing/Writing/Editing
  • Government

7 Best linguistic Internships For International Students In 2023

1. The Language Conservancy Linguistic Internship

Applications are currently been accepted by candidates seeking to fill multiple on-site, volunteer internship positions for a large amount of fieldwork data collected from various indigenous language projects.

Your job description includes cutting, entry, analysis, and organization of collected data.

As an intern at the Language Conservancy, you will work closely with linguistic, textbook, and app development teams.

You’ll help them steer all projects towards culturally relevant and valuable tools for the learner communities.

2. Amazon Ontologist Internship-Summer

If you’re amazed by the growing field of voice assistance and have a passion for data, efficiency, and accuracy this program is right for you.

Amazon is looking for an ontologist intern to join their many lines of business this summere.

You’ll get the opportunity to work with the industry’s brightest engineers who innovate every day on behalf of Amazon customers.

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3. Postdoctoral Researcher, Computational Linguistics (Facebook)

Facebook is seeking Postdoctoral Researchers specializing in Computational Linguistics to join Facebook AI Research (FAIR). FAIR is a research organization focused on making significant progress in AI.

Individuals in this role are expected to drive a research program around the topic of using human-in-the-loop methods for improving NLP models. Such persons must be recognized experts in identified research areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and computational linguistics.

4. Swedish Translation Internship

Sandberg a leading international language service provider is offering interested persons an opportunity to work with them as interns for a period of three months.

Your responsibilities would include helping serve their other global translation agencies. You’ll help deliver high-quality service between English and the Nordic languages.

Lastly, you will have to take other linguistic tasks if the need arises. Also, you’ll collaborate with other linguists, teams, and departments across Sandberg.


  • Valuable on-the-job training in translation software and processes
  • Open and friendly Nordic company culture
  • Chance to make friends and industry connections in the UK and your home country
  • Future employment opportunities for high performers at the end of your internship
  • Opportunities for career progression and promotion

5. Danish Translation Internship

The Sandberg company – an international language service provider is excited to be offering a 3-month Danish translation internship.

Therefore, if you’re a student and currently pursuing a BA or MA in Translation or linguistics and also want to learn how it works in the real world, this role is for you.

Your responsibilities include:

  1. Translation (English into Danish)
  2. Revision (English into Danish)
  3. Reviewing feedback
  4. Other linguistic tasks assigned to you as requirements arise
  5. Collaboration with other linguists, teams, and departments across Sandberg


  1. Valuable on-the-job training in translation software and processes
  2. Open and friendly Nordic company culture
  3. Chance to make friends and industry connections in the UK and your home country
  4. Future employment opportunities for high performers at the end of your internship
  5. Opportunities for career progression and promotion
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6. National Security Agency Linguist/Language Analyst

This is a full-time government internship position. And as an analyst, you will use your passion for foreign language and strong oral and written communication, and critical thinking skills to research, translate, transcribe, report, and analyze foreign intelligence.

Salary Range: Entry/DevelopmentalNSA Washington: $49,157 – $78,167NSA Hawaii: $45,043 – $71,625NSA Texas: $43,992 – $69,953NSA Georgia: $43,683 – $69,462NSA Utah: $43,683 – $69,462

7. 3M Linguistic Intern

Millions of people are seeking a Linguistic Intern for the Health Information Systems located in Pittsburgh, PA. At 3M, you can apply your talent in bold ways that matter.

The intern will work on annotations for various Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding projects.

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However, interns will participate in relevant corporate programs/initiatives, complies with professional and quality standards and corporate policies and procedures. They must also be in a manner consistent with 3M’s values and ethical standards.

These internship programs are open to those qualified for it, while some are paid, some of them are not-paid internship programs.

Internship programs help build your resume as it counts as work experience. They can also help you get a clearer picture of your career path.

Therefore, Identify the programs that best suits you and get on with them. Good luck.



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